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Novell 4.0 to 4.11 upgrade and AREV consideratons by Steve Smith, OZ





AREV and Novell 4.0 to 4.11 Upgrade

AREV Specific

Steve Smith


There are only a few things to watch for -

(a) The commands (Novell Executables) have changed, so things like
USERLIST is replaces with NLIST /A User - there are a couple of others so check the manual...

(b) The transaction tracking is set ON by default, so FLAG *.* -T
for all revelation files. If not done you will experience strange events like lock table saturation, AREV apps grinding to a halt, grey hair (though this has nothing to do with the upgrade)...

(c) Your Novell clients become Intranetware clients. There are some settings on these to check on each workstation to see that they have not altered to defaults unsuitable for AREV. Check locking and COMMIT and caching defaults.

(d) check @STATION, locking, index flushing and printing still work as expected, especially on AREV sessions that are minimized under Windows for any length of time. You can keep older CAPTURE.EXE's (3.11 & 3.12) and use these for their smaller memory needs.

(e) on high volume transaction AREV applications, the use of the LH.NLM is recommended by Revelation Software. Having said that, I've managed to survive without it all this time <g>

(f) Check all your Novell files have an owner (Netware user set) upon installation.

Good luck, take multiple backups, and don't rush it. You cannot attach two servers with the same license number to the same network. If I recall, you can only NRESTORE on a server with the same license number (or same version) as the one you NBACKUPed on. Check on this technique first if you intend to use it as your upgrade mechanism.


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Novell Netware Patch 312PT8 and File Corruption
Revelation Software has revieved information from Novell regarding the 312PT8 patch for Netware 3.12 Servers:

This patch contains a faulty ZEROBFIX.NLM. This NLM was written to handle 0 byte files on CD-ROM drives. However, it has the unintended effect of increasing all 0 byte files on your server to the size of the default cluster. Please be advised that if you download the 312PT8 patch, you should not install the ZEROBFIX.NLM. Novell will ship an updated NLM in the 312PT9 patch.

If you run with the ZEROBFIX.NLM from 312PT8 you will corrupt your system.

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