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There are several articles on the Revelation Technologies website in the Knowledgebase.  All of the information in these articles could impact your Win2000 installation; they are noted whether they are for NT Service for Novell NLM.

05/31/00 Novell - This is for OI, but it applies to Rev/AREV also
05/12/00 Both - This is for all Revelation products
04/27/00 NT - This is for NT service, but applies to Win2000
04/27/00 Novell - Performance tuning
NT - Performance tuning for WinNT
04/27/00 Novell - Connectivity for Novell 5.x and Intranetware
02/11/00 Novell - Connectivity for Novell 5.x
12/08/99 Novell - NLM Documentation

If you are using Novell 5.x, there is a new, unpublished CLIB.NLM that was forwarded to us.  You may pick it up here.  It is reported to fix several of the FS4xx errors.

It has been reported that a user, the same one who forwarded the CLIB.NLM, has solved the Win2000 problem; the solution will be posted here by Saturday, 06/24/00.  An e-mail will be sent to everyone on our mailing list to notify them of the solution availability.

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