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Re: physical error writing in a table

From: Don Miller - C3 Inc.
Remote Name:
Date: 11 Oct 2002
Time: 09:04:51


It is likely that you have one of the following: 1. Quickdex/Rightdex on a file. This is stored in a hidden record %RECORDS%. This is limited to 64K in length. 2. You have used a relational index in which you have a lot of keys being indexed into a field in another record in another table. For examaple .. CUSTOMERS, ORDERS, INVOICES with ORDERS and INVOICES stored in data fields of a CUSTOMERS master record. The CUSTOMERS record can not exceed 64K either. 3. You have created a record whose length exceeds 64K. Sometimes this can happen with multi-values or excessive amounts of text-delimited data. HTH Don

Last changed: October 11, 2002