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Re: Colouring Labels and flashing them

From: Jocelyn Amon
Remote Name:
Date: 01 Jul 2001
Time: 18:16:27


To change a label (or input field) video attributes: PAINT windowname Cursor to the label of field F4 to select F2 for options Select option 10 (Video) Choose the video attributes you require.

I have a program that will set all labels and input fields for all windows (or specified windows) to predefined colours ie. a different colour for those fields that have associated options etc.

It will also standardise all date input ie. set up a standard field length, input mask, oconv/iconv etc. Let me know if you (or anyone else) is interested in the free source code.

It si also useful for making global window alterations such as changing popup names, field names, file names etc. Jocelyn Amon

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