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Citrix and Rev G

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Date: 18 May 2001
Time: 18:02:59


Hello! I'm new to this particular venue, and I really appreciate there being an independent forum for Revelation stuff.

OK, here goes. I'll state the problem first, and then give the background. Is it possible to run a Rev G application in a Citrix Metraframe environment? What modifications would be necessary?

The motivation: We have a very large app. written in Rev G. The app is used by agricultural products brokers. The industry is a commodities-market type of industry, with absurd work schedules, and the added pressure that the commodity rots within days. Our system completely automates these businesses.

We had thought that perhaps we could prolong the life of this product by offering it in an ASP model with Citrix. This would allow us to get away from costly LANs, give everybody a Winterm, and centralize support and so forth. Before we go to a Citrix reseller and possibly waste his/her time, however, I was interested in hearing people's opinions.

Offhand, it seems that the biggest hurdle is printing. FYI, the current systems run on Wintel PCs in Novell Netware environments, with 6-20 users.

Alvaro Fernandez Athena Technology Consulting

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