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From: G. Farrugia
Remote Name:
Date: 01 Jan 2001
Time: 00:35:01


Using AREV 3.12, I have found that I can change @INDEX.TIME while I'm actually outside the replace-index process but if I need to change this system variable while inside the replace-index routine, nothing happens. Inside the routine, however, I could change @ENVIRON.SET fields 77 and 78 (not 29 though). Is there any way how I can change @INDEX.TIME while inside the replace-index process itself?

I need this so that I can invoke my own replace-index routine to change some text and video attributes in the main menu because even though I am changing the menu to my requirements (via VIDEO.RW), as soon as I leave the calling routine, the MENU processor seems to take over with the result that the changes I have just made to the menu are lost and the application menu reverts to its previous state.

I would appreciate mostly an answer to my first problem (i.e. @INDEX.TIME changed within the index process itself) but a response to the second situation (i.e. Menu video changes though VIDEO.RW being overwritten by Menu processor) would also be appreciated.

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