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Open Insight - using VIM functions and OI2NOTES.dll

From: Shimada Bryant - T.L. Creates (
Remote Name:
Date: 01 Dec 2000
Time: 12:30:41


I am trying to use VIM in OI and am having difficulty. I have coded some email hooks using MAPI functions and need to pass the same data into an email using VIM for clients that use Lotus Notes. I installed Lotus Notes on my machine to test it out and when it gets to the VIMSendMail function I get a fatal runtime error that says (I get this error for any VIM function actually):

ENG0805:Function OI_VIMSENDMAIL does not exist in dynamic link library OI2NOTES.

I read website ( feedback on OI2NOTES and copying the dll for version 4 and renaming it OI2NOTES.dll. Tried that and I still get the same error when it hits the sendmail function. I also ran 'Declare_FCNS' on the sysproc DLL_OI2NOTES and nothing is working for me so far.

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