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Re: Memory problem

From: Larry Wilson
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Date: 18 Sep 2000
Time: 10:16:24


If your memory problems are only on some PCs, but the batch is the same, and the shortcuts are exactly alike, then the problem is on the PC. I would first shell to DOS from START button using COMMAND then run the F11F12 program to install it and then type MEM to look at memory stats. They should be about the same for the largest program space available. If not, there's the problem. One of the things that can cause that is in the hardware setup of the PC. You might try turning OFF the VIDEO RAM caching (not the ROM caching yet.) Try MEM again. If you still need more DOS memory, try turning off the caches one by one in the hardware setup to see which one(s) give you more available RAM. I'm pretty sure that should do it. This, of course, assumes that MEM shows > 4Meg available EXPANDED memory. My system shows 569K available program space and 16M available expanded and runs AREV fine. Larry

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